Marine Inverter Air Conditioning


Polar Water

Is the only manufacturer in the world to produce heat exchangers in marine pure titanium grade 2. This material virtually free from corrosion and highly resistant to fouling (due to surface oxidation) provides considerable mechanical resistance thanks to the particular construction which enhances the characteristics of flexibility.

In this way, in the colder waters or in warmer seas we canal ways achieve an excellent heat exchange to enhance the energy performance of our HVAC systems.

Optimally manages the naval heating with heat pump inverter thanks to an advanced use of the electronic expansion valves and a proprietary management software and patented that allows to easily  manage evaporation of the 410a refrigerant with sea water to -5C .

The same software of the HVAC system electronically manages the power requirement of each fan coil, requiring the variable speed compressor only the energy required instant by instant,without waste, ensuring a maximum power consumption of at least 50% less compared to every competitor.

Electronic Valves

 They are at the heart of the system and it is thanks to them that it is possible to obtain a very precise control of the temperature output from the speakers.

They offer 500 steps of adjustment which, thanks to an accurate electronic control of the fan coil allow to obtain a working precision to the tenth of a degree (0.1 ° C)! The distribution of merit with refrigerant line and not with this hydraulic control allows to optimize performance , minimize waiting times and have each a diversified temperature zone.

So if a cab requires a working temperature at 25 ° C and another at 20 ° C it is possible. Not like in the chiller where water is the same temperature for all the fan coil and is played with the fan speed to reach the set point. Each valve has a microprocessor dedicated card that manages and communicates with the CPU.

On mega yachts over 40 meters it is possible to provide the technology to VRV heat recovery for which each cabin has at its disposal the desired temperature but some cabins simultaneously can operate in heating mode while in other air-conditioning.

This technology over the use of the inverter compressor are exclusive patents for the Thermodynamics naval sector.

These valves also allow the CPU to control the overheating and the condensation of the gas R410A and reach up to the physical limit of its operating curve. So they are machines were designed that heat the yacht even at temperatures of sea water up to - 12 ° C! The temperatures of the seas at the poles are -3 ° C so who mounts Thermodynamics will not have to install additional heating systems. Thanks to this advanced management to electronic valve we obtain values of COP ( Coefficient of Performance ) up to 7. Electrical 1kw consumed thermal 7Kw rendered.  E 'can make to order systems for domestic hot water and swimming pools.  



Thermodynamics uses for naval applications conditioning refrigerator compressor inverter architecture with twin rotary. And 'an extraordinary compressor, the workhorse of Thermodynamics. The compressor runs at variable speed, with a regimen of 600 to 6000 rev / min, so as to produce at each instant only the required thermal power, without waste. The compressor is applicable both water circulation systems that direct expansion refrigerant gas.

The direct expansion systems architecture VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) where a single motor controls all the fan coil with a single refrigerant line two tubes are the most efficient and protected by worldwide patent for the exclusive possession of Thermodynamics.

The yield of VRV systems reaches values ​​of EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) and COP (Coefficient Of Performance) up to 7. Translated into practice a yacht of 30 meters, can be air-conditioned with a maximum absorption of 9kw against 25kw of a traditional chiller system, only 2kw with the boat in temperature during summer. The advanced microprocessor electronic management system allows to manage the working temperatures of each individual fan coil from -15 ° C to 18 ° C in cooling and 20 ° C to 55 ° C in heating mode, using a continuous range of variation depending on of the power demand. The environments reach the set point very quickly (5 minutes on average) and the power modulation temperature reached will provide users with superior comfort, entering from the speakers exactly the desired temperature.

Acceleration : The inverter compressors offer smooth starts and acceleration of digital ramp.

Dimensions : Being high-speed engines, with the same cooling capacity should be the half the footprint.

Weights : Reduced from 2 to 3 times. A drive unit for yachts from 30m weighs 100kg at 400kg.

Reliability : Higher than any other system on the market. The microprocessor driver continually monitors the status of the engine work and not only prevents the breakage but every possible cause of electrical and mechanical stress. An optical sensor monitors the quantity and the quality of the lubricant present in the crankcase of the compressor. Tutti the obtained job data is displayed on the touch screen for easy understanding.


To keep close to all its owners Thermodynamics adopts a compact but precise telemetry system that exploiting the GSM / UMTS network transmits to the central ground handling the machine functions and alerts in advance about the possibility of failure.

The GSM modem constantly communicates with the CPU of the system that controls instant by instant the machine status. A control software processes all the information received and if an abnormality is expected alerted the security staff who will contact the Sales Center closer to the boat even before the owner may need service. The GPS system built in modem allows you to know at all times where the boat without the owner must provide additional information.

In case of minor faults the central assistance can take action directly from the ground by controlling the air conditioning system in diagnostic mode to verify the problem and solve it in a few minutes with the owner. Should it be necessary to send a technician on site you have the advantage of knowing in advance the parts needed to repair minimizes the amount of unnecessary time. Thermodynamics in series builds its products but offers a high degree of customization. If after installation the owner wishes to take advantage of further adjustments on the speed of the ventilation or on the working temperature control it is possible to intervene directly from remote adjusting in real time the operation of the machine parameters.

We work to fulfill the wishes of every owner, even the most demanding!

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