Marine Inverter Air Conditioning


Disinfectant based on benzalkonium chloride, assisted by an active ingredient of alcoholic nature. For broad spectrum bestowal, it acts on a wide range of microorganisms: Gram + bacteria, yeasts and molds. It carries sanitizing action of pipe filters, conveyors of air conditioning and ventilation. Block the formation of Legionella bacteria due to respiratory diseases with potential fatal consequence that easily spread in closed environments subjected to forced ventilation. It reduces the microbial load of the treated surfaces. It does not stain and is not greasy.

Spray soiled area. Leave it and if necessary pass with a damp cloth. On grids air circulation, treatment should be carried out with a frequency depending dallentità of local attendance (from once a day to once a week).

Specialties with distinct descaling created specifically for the elimination of dirt, lime and scale in one operation. The product is based on the action of a principle-based inorganic acid hydrochloride. Thanks to an excellent wetting power, lava and breaks all kinds of fouling.

TA 013 Disincrostante strong for marine use.

Eliminates organic compounds that are the basis of the development of microorganisms, thereby preventing the growth of bacteria and all the problems that can be connected.

Add the product up to a pH value of 1 and circulate, making sure that the circuit can be vented. After an hour to stop the circulation: if the pH is greater than 2 or if the solution is passed from red to yellow, to make a product topping. Continue until the transaction, making the control, it appears that the pH is stabilized to the value 1. At the end, the whole download and make an accurate dell'impianto rinsing.

It cleans the air leaving it pleasantly scented. Determines quickly and effectively eliminate unpleasant odors. The enzyme ingredient present has a combined action which ensures the degradation of malodorous substances in the air. Its active ingredient, in addition, acts on microorganisms with batterioriduttore and sanitizing effect. Packs of: 1 DT 007 AIRSAN FRUIT * air enzymatic cleaner - DT 008 AIRSAN * SPECIAL air enzymatic cleaner fishing - flowers DT 104 AIRSAN LILY * air enzymatic cleaner - thrush DT 105 AIRSAN MINT * air cleaner enzyme - mint DT 315 AIRSAN mUSK * enzymatic cleaner air - moss DT 319 wHITE mUSK * air enzymatic cleaner - white musk DT 320 AIRSAN tALC * air enzymatic cleaner - talc DT 321 AIRSAN OPIUM * air enzymatic cleaner - AVAILABLE FRAGRANCES opium contains a special newly developed emulsifier that facilitates the dissolution of the essence, micronization and air cleaning extolling the deodorant properties. Its high persistence makes it suitable to eliminate bad smells in all environments such as meeting rooms, bedrooms, reception, gyms etc. which hosts smelly or activities characterized by a slow parts air

Spray the pure product or diluted in water up to 50% depending on the desired fragrance intensity.

Formulated high technology able to eliminate water losses in self-sealing manner. Specially designed to be used in heating systems with gas-fired wall boilers and instantaneous production of hot water, (circuits narrow passages) succeeds, thanks to a high technology to recognize the loss and to seal it in a manner resistant to aging and long-lasting . The compatibility of the components extends the application to various types of metal (copper, aluminum, alloys), always ensuring maximum performance. Also suitable for underfloor heating systems.

Remove sludge, filters, nets and thermometers. Loading the implant with water and bleed. Set the maximum temperature. Fully open the radiator valves and mixing valves. Ventilate well and leave running. Add the product at the rate of 2% - 3% of the volume of water. Bring The plant at normal operating pressure. Bleed again. Leave in operation for at least 8 hours. The sealing takes place in one or more days. Empty The plant after sealing and after the leak test, fill it again with water and protective liquid TA 66 ALARM WARNINGS 1. Shake well before use. Do not add the same time as other products such as antifreeze and anticorrosive.

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