Marine Inverter Air Conditioning



Powered by careful design criteria is definitely the flagship model. Very compact but extremely powerful at the same time. Its radiant coil in tight ranks in high silver content copper coupled to a reed valve coated in blue film to prevent salt corrosion can develop well 5kwatt (18000BTU) of thermal power in air conditioning! This is coupled to a high prevalence of 200Pa centrifugal fan capable of producing a payload of 650mc / h. The fan coil can be installed on any type of air carried up to a maximum of 10m. It has 200 programmable speed and can handle individual rooms up to 15m2.



Fan coil revolutionary and  unique in the world . And 'specially it designed for  maximum comfort  in the great halls of the Maxi Yacht. In these environments bulky high thermal power is required and a considerable air flow to maintain  the temperature  desired by the guest at a value  constant  and  precise . The traditional coil Fan in these environments are noisy, often having to work at maximum fan speed. The thermal abatement is often insufficient and the timing to be air-conditioned environments are excessive. The limited scope of the fans generates in salons areas to non-uniform temperatures. The Maxi radiant mounts a U-shaped curve coil coupled to a double-suction centrifugal fan capable of producing a 1350mc / h airflow with 200Pa pressure, all develops a thermal power in cold 7,2kw! Exceptional skills in a very low chassis. It has 250 programmable speed and runs rooms up to 40m2.

Technical design

Technical design

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