Marine Inverter Air Conditioning


Is a company that operates in the field of naval conditioning founded in 2010 by three partners who work since the 80s in air conditioning and industrial mechanics. The great passion for the sea led members to take the field to promote their vision of onboard comfort. Quality and technology are the hallmarks of a company that guarantees the highest excellence of its facilities and products and structured in three divisions: mechanical, electronic, and cooling.

The synergy of all these sections, spread over an area in the province of Piacenza of more than 2000 square meters, with highly specialized personnel in craftsmanship, it produces attention as a result of the product down to the last detail.

Thermodynamics provides all types of services for the naval HVAC field. Conditioning and heating to heat inverter, refrigerators and freezers pump, construction of stainless steel cold storage tailored, and heat exchangers titanium hand-built for each requirement. Ventilation engine room and vehicle parking areas for commercial ferries. Construction of the steel air channels. Teams assembly and service centers available all over the world ready to assist the most demanding customers.

Thermodynamics usually operates on the international market and its members regularly speak Russian, English and Spanish.

Our systems provide new attributes with the highest expression of comfort, energy efficiency and reliability, delivering on many systems with 5 year warranty.

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